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Seismic Dream, a sculpture & sound installation
by sculptor Pattie Porter Firestone and composer Barbara Abbott Buchanan
Sept. 3 – Dec. 14, 2011
4400 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington, DC
Open Tues. – Sun. 11-4pm

Opening Reception Sat. Sept. 17th 6-8pm American University Museum

Seismic Dream combines original sculpture, music scores and poetry into a ‘dreamscape’ experience, conveying a wavelike energy that disrupts the few references of reality within the American University Museum Sylvia Berlin Katzen Sculpture Garden. Using the medium of twisted steel moving in and out of the walls, these waves pull the viewer into the symbolic space of abstract and childhood images. A poem on the sculpture garden wall complements these perceptions.  As one walks through this dreamlike environment, pulsating music emanates from the steel outlines of a simple house and boat, both at skewed angles.  On the far wall, the viewer reaches the piece’s riveted climax, visualizing the fault lines between the industrial age and the current age. Here, the rhythms of the sculpture rupture abruptly only to move back into wavelike patterns and their analogous dreamscape experience.

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Watch the Sculpture and Sound Installation video

Seismic Dream, installation shot, painted steel twists 8’, 10’ and 12’ long.

Beached Boat
painted steel
3.5’H x 12’W x 6’D

Seismic Shift
painted aluminum, stainless steel
12’H x 40’W x 1’D

House Off Kilter
painted steel
12’H x 6’W x 6”D

Detail of Seismic Shift, stainless steel rivets